Upcoming Free Meditation Classes

Tuesday Evenings, April 23 & 30

Tuesdays 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Weekend course, April 27 & 28

Saturday + Sunday 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

These Free Meditation Courses in April are held at Memorial University. We prefer to give the room details after we speak to you on the phone. Please Register using the button below & we will call you back to discuss details and answer any questions you may have.

It is recommended to attend both Tuesday sessions, or both weekend sessions. Alternatively, you could attend the first Tuesday plus the Sunday, or the Saturday plus the 2nd Tuesday.

Our meditation classes are usually very well suited to beginners. A variety of simple meditation techniques will be introduced, including Concentration, Breathing, Visualization, Posture, etc. Please bear in mind that these basic techniques are not the end result that we encourage the student to achieve. They are merely starting points for you to explore the amazing new pathways that lead to your true Inner Being. Our courses should be very helpful to find one or two basic exercises that you can practice at home. But don’t stop there! By all means, take these simple concepts and allow your own inner inspiration to guide you to find the approach which works the best for you to relax the body, quiet the mind & open your heart.

These free courses are a golden opportunity to explore the spiritual teachings of Sri Chinmoy, with the opportunity to experience both individual and group meditation sessions. One of the key benefits is the ability to ask our qualified instructors any questions that may be blocking your progress. At the end of each introductory course, you may elect to continue meeting with us, to intensify your regular practice and delve deeper into the writings and philosophy of this modern meditation lifestyle.

Free follow-up sessions will be offered at the end of each course, to everybody who is interested to learn more about meditation.

Meditation unlocks the door to our soul’s inherent peace, happiness and intuition. Inside each of us lies something greater and calmer than our thoughts can ever imagine. By quieting the mind, and opening the spiritual heart, we are able to tap into this ocean of bliss. Since ancient eras, people who have discovered this rich inner treasure, have worked to introduce others to the path of enlightenment. It may be called Self-realization, liberation, Nirvana, illumination, God-consciousness or something else.  Across many traditions, regardless of the names used, meditation techniques are presented as an approach towards enhancing oneness.

Meditation is a discipline where we can dive deep within and connect with our aspiring human spirit. By making the mind calm and pure, we can journey into our inmost self, to discover who we really are. In doing this, we are introduced to a deep and satisfying truth which reveals how we can control our own destiny. We hold within us the power to make our lives exceptionally beautiful, simultaneously enriching the life-experience of our friends and loved ones. Like any other worthwhile skill that is highly rewarding, meditation requires dedicated effort and regular practice.