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Our free IN-PERSON meditation courses in St. John’s may resume in 2022.
Our online/Zoom meditation course starts on Feb 6, 2022 for 4 weeks.
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About our free courses

We love to share the benefits and techniques of meditation with everybody who is interested to learn. We warmly welcome you to join us, regardless of your previous background in meditation. We feel that meditation is a natural and normal practice, that helps us to maintain a sense of inner balance and poise.
The great thing about meditation is that it works when we are happy or sad, healthy or sick, when life is running smoothly or we are experiencing challenges. And we invite you to experience the techniques described by Sri Chinmoy, and ask us any questions along your path of inner exploration.

Sri Chinmoy has been our direct meditation teacher for many years, and he requested that we offer these meditation courses for free to everybody in the community. Our goal is to inspire people to adopt a regular practice of meditation. We have practiced meditation and received the benefits, so we like to share these ideas with others. We hope to see you soon so we can meditate peacefully together!

Our free introductory meditation courses start with 2 sessions of basic topics. Following each introductory course, we invite participants to experience more of Sri Chinmoy’s meditation techniques by continuing into our free follow-up classes. These sessions are progressive, building upon previous classes, so we recommend attending all sessions.

If you miss the first 2 sessions of a course, we would be delighted to see you at the next course.

To take full advantage of the course, you will want to set aside at least 10 minutes a day to practice the meditation exercises.

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To register by phone, please call our local coordinator Brahmacharini at 709-237-1611.

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What is meditation? Meditation is our conscious awareness of something vast and infinite within us. Meditation grants us Peace, Light and Bliss.

Sri Chinmoy
from My Rose Petals, Part 7

Our class givers

Our meditation sessions in St. John’s, will be led by the following 3 speakers:


Brahmacharini Michelle Rebidoux has been the leader of the St. John’s Meditation Centre since she moved to Newfoundland from Montreal in 2008. She brings to her meditation classes more than 20 years of experience as a meditator, and also much teaching experience from her work at the university (she teaches religious studies and philosophy at MUN and theology at Queen’s College in St. John’s).

In her spare time, Brahmacharini loves hiking the East Coast trail, practicing yoga, and painting.

Abhijit Emery started the Sri Chinmoy meditation centre of St. John’s in 2004 at Sri Chinmoy’s request, and we have been operating continuously in a modest fashion since that time. The theme of his courses revolves around “Calm the body, quiet the mind, open the heart.”

Abhijit has offered meditation classes in Canada, USA, Australia and Europe. The process of sharing meditation techniques with new people is always uplifting and educational, for the facilitator and student both. Abhijit is keen to discuss spiritual topics, in case you have any questions.

Abhijit loves the great outdoors, especially hiking, running, skating, biking, swimming, power-walking & x-country or downhill skiing. Winter is a great season when you are properly prepared for it! (photo shows Abhijit after hiking to a summit across from Taos Ski Valley)

Brahmata Michael: I have been meditating with the Sri Chinmoy Centre for 15 years, primarily in Ottawa. Meditation and spiritual practice have added so much to my life: peace of mind, enhanced creativity, more energy, joy, and fulfilment. I believe that these benefits are attainable to everyone, which is why I enjoy teaching free meditation classes. Music is my favourite language. I play guitar and sing meditative songs with the music group, Sangit Surabhi. I enjoy spending time in nature, travelling, and meeting new people, and I look forward to meeting you!